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With more opportunities for investing available than ever before, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to master the art of investing. To help both new and experienced investors make informed decisions about investments, finance programs have been developed in response. One of these exciting programs includes Formulaic Inc., which is an innovative program to help others gain a better understanding of smart, sensible investments. 

Created by accomplished entrepreneur and financial expert, Sonia Hodgin, Formulaic Inc. provides members with a variety of learning opportunities, including monthly seminars on 300 formulas. The formulas can be a crucial step when learning about the art of investing, and how to make the most informed decisions possible. As part of the program, investors will learn about financial education, emotional intelligence, human conditioning behaviors, and more to its members. Additionally, members will be able to take advantage of one on one coaching for both individual and business investments. 

With up to 10,000 investor memberships, the Formulaic Inc. program can provide a number of benefits for investors looking to expand their portfolios. Members can not only learn how to invest in real estate, but they can also learn about investing in other opportunities, including jewelry, high-end vehicles, wineries, up-and-coming business, and more. With three locations throughout the United States, investors around the country can take advantage of insightful information regarding smart investments. 

Most recently, Formulaic Inc. created their new, state-of-the-art trading software that assists with asset trading. The exciting software is meant to help investors complete direct trading opportunities without dealing with the hassle of middlemen fees. Investors can trade directly from and to other investors, making the process easier than ever before. 

To learn more about how Formulaic Inc. can benefit both new and experienced investors, visit their website at