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Any experienced exchanger will likely tell you that there are numerous approaches that can be taken to help achieve your goals, whether you are focused on short or long-term goals. While many of these approaches are beneficial for new and experienced exchangers, there are times where those with more experience are looking for more specific investment opportunities. 

Did you know that there are options to further customize your investments without the stress of finding the opportunities that fit your financial goals? This is what makes the 5-arm trade approach such an exciting, unique way to build on your investments. Not only does it increase the ability to customize your financial portfolio, but it also allows you to explore more specific investment opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. 

What Is The 5-Arm Trade?
In its most basic terms, the 5-arm trade refers to trade among a number of individuals who work together to create the best trading structure. There may be times where an exchanger finds a specific investment that they would like to trade but do not have what the other exchanger is looking for. In a situation like this, the exchanger may want to explore options for conducting the trade with the other trader. 

In order to get the trade accomplished, they bring in additional exchangers who are also looking for new investment opportunities. Working together as a group, the exchangers collaborate with one another about what they are looking for and conduct trades among themselves. This can help ensure that the exchangers can obtain the investment or opportunity of their choice. 

When Is A 5-Arm Trade Beneficial?
A 5-arm trade is a great approach to take when two or more exchangers are looking for specific investment opportunities. Collaborating as a group can open up possibilities that may not have been possible with two exchangers. This can also help create a financial portfolio that is not only diverse but is built with long-term goals in mind. 

Does the 5-arm trade approach sound appealing, but you want to learn more before trying it? Visit Formulaic Inc. Founder Sonia Hodgin’s monthly blog to learn more!