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Sonia Hodgin





Sonia Hodgin is a multitalented entrepreneur, professional, and real estate investor based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, where she’s been building her career for the past 15 years as a Master Formulaic 300 Instructor with FORMULAIC Inc.

Sonia attended the University of Phoenix, where she completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. She also attended the University of Arizona, where she earned her general Bachelor’s degree. 

In 2003, Sonia Hodgin stepped into the workforce as a Software Senior Executive with Inter-Tel, a business that merged with Linktivity. She stayed as a software executive with Linktivity/Spartacom as it transitioned into NTR North America. 

From there, she stepped into the role of President at TRUE WOMEN Tucson, serving as Core Leader and Board Director for the nonprofit organization focused on benefitting women in business. Sonia has also served as a Rotarian Member for the Tucson Pantano Rotary, whose mission is to raise funds for the community and local nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Sonia served as President of Tucson Real Estate Exchangors (TREE), a team of licensed and active real estate professionals offering brokers and clients solutions to discover the most optimal route for buying and selling. 

Toward the end of her career with TREE, Sonia Hodgin founded Hodgin & Co., offering portfolio and investment analysis, real estate consulting and exchanging as well as exclusive access to the VIP Hodgin 300 Investors Group. This prestigious group meets monthly by invitation only and offers members exclusive access to trade amongst their own portfolio. She continues to manage this organization today. 

Concurrently in her career, Sonia is also the Founder and President of [poh koh mod] architecture/design, a design, construction, and architecture firm focused on modern pieces with a functional design. She additionally operates Love Lily & Abby, which she founded in 2019 to offer no-cost visits with certified dogs to children in recovery, cancer patients, mental health patients, elderly home residents, and more. 

Sonia Hodgin has also spent time serving with the Boy Scouts of America, serving both as a Den Leader for three years for Pack 303  and as Fundraiser Chair for the organization. 

During her education, Sonia Hodgin also attended the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics, where she earned her 1st degree Reiki certification in Reiki Basics. She continued her education with the institution and earned her 2nd-degree Advanced Reiki certification and 14 hours towards her practitioner certification. Additionally, Sonia attended Wong’s Aviation and Pilot Certification School, where she worked towards earning her private pilot’s license. Here, she learned air navigation aids, surveillance systems, meteorology, arrival procedures, compliance, ground training, stage checks, aircraft dynamics, and more while completing real flight hours and testing preparations. 

Learn more about Sonia Hodgin as an entrepreneur by visiting her blog page! It is crucial that you seek advice from your own CPA and/or lawyer.

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